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Arts Cabinet
Operating at the intersection between art and research

Arts Cabinet

Arts Cabinet operates at the intersection between art and research, which we see as a framework through which to promote the transformative power of artistic production.

At a time when the world is increasingly fragmented, when free-movement and the freedom of speech are under attack, foreigners a source of fear and suspicion, we are increasing our efforts to engage transnationally and develop collaborative projects that involve different people, with different backgrounds in different places, and offer the chance to meet, discuss, share ideas and experiences.
We document and disseminate untold stories that breakthrough stereotypes and demonstrate a strong desire amongst artists, curators, researchers, organisations to continue to exchange and be inspired by other’s efforts to promote free inquiry and dialogue, as perfect testimonies to the value of cultural exchange and the power of diversity.

The name Arts Cabinet was inspired by the legacy of the curiosity cabinet in contemporary art, in particular in artistic and curatorial practices which are influenced by categorisation, classification and archiving, alongside the random selection of objects and ideas.

The association of Arts with Cabinet is meant to evoke a juxtaposition between artistic curiosity and academic rigour as a basis for engaging critically but also imaginatively with the world around us. Read more