étant donnéEs

étant donnéEs is a research project, led by the Tunisian artist Souad Mani, in collaboration with Arts Cabinet.

  Silex, pierre et pigment Ocre Rouge, KIT IOT, Gafsa 2017  © Souad Mani

Silex, pierre et pigment Ocre Rouge, KIT IOT, Gafsa 2017
© Souad Mani

étant donnéEs is conceived around three phases of evolutionary research.

In the first phase, a retrospective, that announces a dialogue around the nuclei traced in her artistic approach with multiple entries and anchor points in which her experiences are written on the territory of Gafsa, her travels through her root-project "Elle m’aime" and her city of residence, Sousse.

The second phase, she will set out time and spaces for the analysis and dialogue of her archives in relation with other other nuclei initiated in and derived from her research process.

And finally, the third phase, will offer an open and porous forms of synthesis that will bring together human and artificial collective intelligence.

« Souvenirs du présent », digital photography, 2010, Gafsa, Tunisia.  .jpg
Fossile sur le territoire de Gafsa. 2017. c Souad Mani.JPG


étant donnéEs will examine the perpetual technical transformations as well as the climatic transformations linked to the political societal and environmental landscapes of an ecosystem structured by three real and subjective interconnected regimes and plateaux of thought: subterranean, terrestrial and aerial

Souad Mani also wants to make the project resonate from the very local to the global, from the personal to the common and the natural to the artificial, and vice versa.

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Artist’s statement

In his artistic approach Souad Mani, through a mode of sharing and pollination, sows in the universe the image of her self-portrait in search of a possible encounter with beings and things. From Paris to London via Gafsa or Nantes, she probes links, leaves traces, archives them and then links them to others by creating networks that contribute to the ramification, densification and settlement of her world, both human and digital.


Through a transdisciplinary dynamic, the visual artist focuses on archaeological, territorial and anthropological research. In search of a "geo-intelligence", which unites multicultural contributions that she considers one of the figures of our era that of the Man and its impact on its environment. And in pursuit of pictorial, analog and digital "geo-poetry" she studies and maps the roles played and the traces collected in her collaborations, her networks and her travels.