Fieldwork as a convivial and undisciplinary practice

In this interview for Arts Cabinet, Bernard explores the uniqueness of an original practice, which goes beyond traditional research frameworks. Based on is personal experience, he provides an overview of situations that may lead researchers to open their practices to art and describes the obstacles they face inside the academy, their traditional space of action.

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The Agency of Art

As part of our ongoing commitment to the MENA region, we are developing an interview series with Art Historians and Curators who chose to devote their career to the promotion of Middle-Eastern and North African art. Our aim is to give their work more visibility and to create links between them as part of a growing network.

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New points of departure

If the challenge is the Western model of a universal value-based system, then can the current cultural institutional model generate alternative ways of seeing the world?

In her Master-class titled ‘UNESCO heritage and outstanding universal value’, which took place at FARO (Flemish Interface Centre for Cultural Heritage), in Brussels on…

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