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Book burning, past and present

Denise Clarke explores the long history of book burning and how three artists have responded to these acts of destruction. Books like visual art, are the locus for powerful ideas. They bring with them the notion of speculation, they are restless creatures carrying with them the potential for change. Artists have responded to their destruction in a multitude of ways. This essay represents just one line of flight sparked by a single exhibition Ashurbanipal, King of the World, King of Assyria currently at the British Museum. It is intended as a provocation for further inquiry into “the book” – the nature of the relationship between contemporary artists, books and their research practices, the synergies between word and image and the creation and circulation of artists books.

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Living in Exile: Far From Home by Paphonsak La-or

Far From Home connects and compares the two sensations of being away from home, one of the ruling elite of the early twentieth century, another of the commoners who currently struggle to survive. A writing of an unnamed exile individual that appears on the art book Far From Home 2017 encapsulates the difficult situation in which most of them have confronted when fleeing from Thailand.

Image: Paphonsak La-or, Far From Home, exhibition view at ARTIST + RUN in Bangkok, Thailand, 2017 @Thanavi Chotpradit

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Reconsidering Culture in Times of Trouble: A Call for Re-conceptualization of Russian-EU Cultural Relations

Going beyond traditional methods of foreign cultural diplomacy, our definition of cultural relations is characterised by an increased focus on cultural communities and initiatives coming from within civic society, rather than from governmental circles. Only in close interactions between both civic societies can genuine cultural exchange can take place, as this enables all actors to avoid the well-known obstacles, and to lay the foundation for interstate cultural cooperation characterised by mutual understanding and dialogue, rather than by repulsion.

Image: The Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Image ©Erik Vlaeminck, 2017

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