TOURAB is the ache of the burning cities and their poisonous air

We interviewed our Advisor, Alma Salem, as she opened Tourab, an exhibition about Syria, in Brussels, in April earlier this year, calling for urgent help. Watch here.

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At this moment, when Syria is under massive and unprecedented attack by various militias, armies and weapons that have an economic interest in the cycle of destruction and reconstruction, the continuous cycle of death has taken more than half a million innocent lives and displaced over 7 million owners of land; the country is bleeding, with over two million injured and disabled; it is demanding the release of over 220,000 tortured prisoners of conscience; it is suffering from a lost generation of 3 million students, 3.5 million people held in besieged areas and under food embargo, and 14 million internally displaced civilians in urgent need of humanitarian aid. Alma Salem, Curatorial Statement