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Changing Perspectives on the World

Arts Cabinet interviews artist Abigail Reynolds on the relationship between books, libraries and her multidisciplinary artistic practice. 

The Lost Libraries of the Silk Road project made me question my assumptions of the world and my own identity. The whole journey changed my perspective on the world. My work is always bound up with different perspectives and modes of understanding…it addresses the restructuring and contingency of knowledge, of dominant narratives.

Image: The Maidens, 2012 - Courtesy of the Artist

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Living in Exile: Far From Home by Paphonsak La-or

Far From Home connects and compares the two sensations of being away from home, one of the ruling elite of the early twentieth century, another of the commoners who currently struggle to survive. A writing of an unnamed exile individual that appears on the art book Far From Home 2017 encapsulates the difficult situation in which most of them have confronted when fleeing from Thailand.

Image: Paphonsak La-or, Far From Home, exhibition view at ARTIST + RUN in Bangkok, Thailand, 2017 @Thanavi Chotpradit

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