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Multaka is Arabic for Meeting Point. Multaka is the link between the past, the present and the future.

A project called Multaka, initiated by the Museum for Islamic Art at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin in 2015 - at the height of the migration crisis in Europe - has turned the Museum into a magnet for bringing diverse groups together to reinterpret collections through their own stories and experiences.
This new way of being in a museum, of looking at collections, creates an opportunity to rethink the museum as a structure of tolerance.

Photo: Teilnehmer einer Führung des Projekt “Multaka: Treffpunkt Museum“ im Museum für Islamische Kunst. © René Zieger

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When the Painterly meets the Political

Working with a nexus of concepts – identity, cultural connection, vernacular culture and nationhood - Shiraz Bayjoo explores personal and public archives to expose hidden or marginalized stories in order to interrogate and challenge dominant narratives. Here, in conversation with Denise Clarke, he discusses the role of contemporary art biennials, the importance of stepping into “the real world” and the processes his work goes through as he builds up his own aesthetics of place.

Image: Series En Famille, 2015 - Courtesy of the Artist

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