Egyptian artists know the art of their world well, it's us who don't know it!

As part of our ongoing commitment to the MENA region, we are starting an interview series with Art Historians and Curators who chose to devote their career to the promotion Middle-Eastern and North African art. Our aim is to give their work more visibility and to create links between them as part of a growing network.

Image: Nadia Radwan on a study trip with her students, Pera Museum, Istanbul, June 2016. Courtesy © Nadia Radwan

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Reconsidering Culture in Times of Trouble: A Call for Re-conceptualization of Russian-EU Cultural Relations

Going beyond traditional methods of foreign cultural diplomacy, our definition of cultural relations is characterised by an increased focus on cultural communities and initiatives coming from within civic society, rather than from governmental circles. Only in close interactions between both civic societies can genuine cultural exchange can take place, as this enables all actors to avoid the well-known obstacles, and to lay the foundation for interstate cultural cooperation characterised by mutual understanding and dialogue, rather than by repulsion.

Image: The Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Image ©Erik Vlaeminck, 2017

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EssayErik Vlaeminck
What is art and research?

Art and research is not only a matter of free collaboration between artists and researchers. Since 2008, it’s a political, educational, bureaucratic issue in Europe. On this matter, French debate is extensive. Is it because of the history of art education in this country.

Image: Open doors at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Atelier Alberola ©Ludmilla Barrand, Instagram @psacparis

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