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Art, Research and Migration | Goldsmiths College London

Organised in partnership between Arts Cabinet and Goldsmiths College, this workshop will present the work developed by Orly Orbach, artist-researcher and PhD student in Anthropology, in Lesbos, in June 2018, during a short research visit facilitated by Arts Cabinet in collaboration with the Universities of Agder (Norway) and Aegean (Greece).

The purpose of this workshop is to stimulate a critical discussion about the production of artistic research in the context of migration, and the role that art can play in the interface between museums, cultural heritage and more widely, civil society.

As respondent and special guest, the Syrian artist Houda Terjuman, living in Marrakech and currently developing a research project with Arts Cabinet focussing on the theme of migration, that she sees as a force for the good and a channel into resilience.


This workshop will focus on processes of creating, disseminating and undoing narratives in the interplay between cultural heritage, migration and constructions of place. The participants will seek to examine methods of embodied research and the uses of narrative formats, fictions, theatre and storytelling by researchers and their informants and asks, what sort of transformations these might enable in the short and long term:
How can places be co-constructed and re-interpreted through symbolic, social and material acts? What does embodied research look like, and how can it be disseminated?
How are narratives of place and movement/migration articulated in different institutional settings?