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Overcoming obstacles and building relationships, Rabat

Arts Cabinet will run a workshop involving key international and Moroccan participants on 13 November at Le Cube – Independent Art Room, in Rabat. This initiative is made possible thanks to the generous support of Mimeta, Norway. An international programme of artistic exchange between the Maghreb and the Nordic countries, with potential involvement more widely across the Middle East and Northern Europe, dedicated to supporting contemporary arts practice, artistic mobility, freedom of expression and research collaboration is currently being prepared by a number of key interested institutions across Europe, the Nordic Countries and the Maghreb. The central elements of this proposition are to build a new and meaningful network of partnerships between residency organisations, institutions and initiatives who share a common vision and purpose in contemporary arts practice, supported by research, academic collaboration and curatorial engagement. It is proposed that the artistic residency network will consider establishing a thematic approach to the programme with a view to generating a wide artistic response to an issue of common concern. It has been suggested that the nature of socially engaged practice in North Africa and the Middle East could address and inform the impact of practice on arts infrastructure and more widely in the institution. The programme proposes therefore to establish a close link with the disciplines of visual culture through architecture and urbanism initially and potentially expanding into other fields of the social sciences and humanities. The programme aims to be developed incrementally as a series of bilateral exchanges. In time these may develop into multilateral programmes. They will be disseminated through platforms dedicated to critical reflection, knowledge exchange and public engagement, supported by digital dissemination. Discussions are also underway with key presenting venues and institutions in Europe to develop an exhibition and public programme to feature the artistic work and the discourse related to the project and its theme. This project will form the basis for a large cooperation grant application to Creative Europe, in partnership with international funders. 

Arts Cabinet shares and strongly supports the aim of Mimeta to give people access to free artistic expressions created on independent terms, in the support of the Universal Human Rights Declaration.

Image: jordi colomer medina- parkour 1-1, courtesy of Trankat.